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Timeless design.

Indestructible materials.


True sustainability.

Our products

Our ethos

Three generations warranty

Pass your leather bag on to the next generations

True sustainability

Your leather goods will last more than a lifetime.


Vegetable tanned leather from an Italian tannery.


Designed, handmade and hand stitched in the Netherlands.

Our story


At Mr. P we like high quality goods: timeless designs and indestructible materials that will last more than a lifetime. We like the look, smell and feel of high quality leather goods and love that they will stand the test of time. We are working with ancient old techniques: All our leather goods are handmade with the highest quality full grain leather from an Italian tannery. The heavy quality leather is hand stitched with thick waxed yarn by our craftsmen and women in the Netherlands to one of our durable products. Hand stitching makes our leather goods even more lasting and reliable when carrying your possessions. 


Your leather bag will be a true travel companion. It will get nicer and more personal over time: The ageing leather will not only continue to take care of your belongings, but will also collect your precious memories over time.


At Mr. P we understand and appreciate the value of the memories a true sustainable product can hold.  

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